OSEA Ocean Cleansing Mudd – Awarded by Magazines; Coveted by Celebs

Actress Olivia Wilde swears by it. Healing Lifestyles and Spas named it the “Best Multi-Tasking Cleanser” in its 2013 Earth Day Beauty Awards. And even teenage boys are known to covet it. We’re talking, of course, about our popular and oh-so-versatile Ocean Cleansing Mudd: an exfoliator for the face and body; the perfect shaving gel; [...]

OSEA Sea Minerals Soothes Dehydrated (and Sunburned) Skin

“In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as sunburn,“ says OSEA founder Jenefer Palmer. “Everyone would wear a hat, and never point their face directly to the sun.“ But, as sun-worshipping exists, Palmer created Sea Minerals. Instantly cooling and refreshing, OSEA’s popular green mist can be stored in the refrigerator and sprayed [...]

OSEA Advanced Protection Cream – Our Anti-Aging Superstar

When we first formulated this super-rich, antioxidant-laden moisturizer, ideas on naming the product circulated. In time, I decided on “Protection Cream” – only to change it up by renaming the product “Advanced Protection Cream.” I’m still not sure the word ‘advanced’ is advanced enough to describe the product – and its super-star ingredient, DPHP. While [...]

Dynamic Vegan Duo: OSEA’s Ocean Lotion Meets Undaria Algae Oil

OSEA’s very own Nina Brescia serendipitously discovered the power of this harmonious duo. Likening her concoction to a ‘great salad dressing,’ Brescia combines two parts lotion to one part oil. The combo, best applied to the entire body following a bath or shower, offers a velvety soothing mixture for all skin types including skin disorders [...]

Bringing Home The Chicken – In Nicaragua

Nicaragua is reportedly the new ‘It Girl’ of Central America. From the New York Times to the yoga retreats flooding my daily newsfeeds, Nicaragua is ‘the place’ to go; the new Costa Rica. My sojourn to Nicaragua had nothing to do with the travel-pr buzz however. But instead everything to do with celebrating birthdays (mine [...]

Outrageously Organic: Reformulated “Salts of the Earth” Scrub is Pretty in Pink

“It smells divine.” “Why is it pink, not red? “Love the scent.”   These are just a few of the comments we’ve received since reformulating our “Salts of the Earth” body scrub. The popular  scrub - made with  mineral-rich gigartina – remains ultra-purifying, ultra re-mineralizing. Just better.   Extra shea butter has been added for a [...]

Outrageously Organic: Skin-Plumping Gigartina for the Holidays…

So often I’m asked to name my ‘favorite’ marine-based skincare ingredient (a.k.a. seaweed). To me that question is like asking me to choose my favorite child. Impossible. Nevertheless, I have narrowed the favs of my seaweed, vegan skincare line down to three. And as we roll deeper into the lights, parties, festivities and high-glam of [...]

Sea Siren: Love Affair With Seaweed

Hurricane Sandy once again reminded me of the power of the sea. Its fierce nature. Its intensity. In praying for the safety of my friends and colleagues in New York and along the Jersey shore, I was transported back in time, to the sea town of my mother’s childhood – Beechhurst, New York. And the [...]

Top Ten Things to Bring to ISPA

10. Loose Clothing:  ESSENTIAL in helping you pretend that you actually LOST 1½ pounds at ISPA. 9.  Foot Soak for Tired Feet :  Oh wait, just dig into your swag bag 8.  Powdered Green Drink:  NEWS ALERT! Pasta, no matter what shape it is, does not count as a vegetable. 7.  Credit Card:  Think “airline [...]

Breaking news: SEAWEED FROM MARS

  Scientists now believe that Mars may indeed have liquid water and if so, the water would probably be salty based on past Martian soil samples. Any liquid water would be hidden underground, safe from quick evaporation in the thin atmosphere or from freezing to a solid in the frigid surface temperatures. Where there is [...]